The Bee's Knee's Bakery & More was started on a wing and a prayer in the spring of 2015 by Tim and Dodie Strzelski. Born and raised by an Amish mother, Tim always new the kitchen was important. Mama Shirl, as she was called, came to visit and saw a box of cake mix on the counter. She decided to gift the sweet couple a Kitchen Aid mixer along with baking lessons and recipes for Christmas. Dodie discovered a new love.

Through the years, Dodie received techniques, more recipes, a whole lot of encouragement and her Mother Clementine's persevering attitude. Thankfully, Dad, Tim and their son, Stephen, are wonderful carpenters and made Dodie's dream of a bakery come to fruition in the fall of 2016.

The Bees Knee's Bakery & More would love to bring the honey of desserts to your event by providing something sweet for your special day!!


Several years ago, I discovered a true passion for baking. When Mama Shirl trusted me with the "Golden" receipe of her renown Cream Puffs, I knew she was proud and that I was a tried and true baker. I used my family as guinea pigs and they always gobbled it all right up! From there, my dream only grew to satisfy the sweet needs in our community.

We are a fresh bakery and that is important to me. It has been thru the blessed support of my family, trusting clients, and amazing fellow business owners, that encouraged me to open my bakery. For that, I thank you!



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Dodie Strzelski

Telephone: 1 865 742 7422

E-mail: dodie@beeskneesbakeryandmore.com